The technology sector is in crisis.

Jeneo is here to change that BY EMPOWERING WOMEN.

What is happening?

Uber and Google have been rocked by scandal over their lack of diversity. A large number of prominent venture capitalists have been exposed as sexist. Sadly at far too many tech events there are very few women speaking. All-male panels are a common sight.

Our Mission

Jeneo is here to give women and under-represented groups in tech a voice. We help tech companies and teams to source fantastic individuals to speak at their events.

About Jeneo

Founded by journalist Charlotte Jee in 2017, Jeneo aims to boost diversity at tech events, helping women and other under-represented groups to speak up and event organisers to source great panellists.

If tech is building the future, let's make that future inclusive and representative of all of society, not just a small slice of it.

Get Involved

If you're a woman working in tech and you want to speak at events, we'd love to hear from you. Individuals from under-represented groups are encouraged to sign up too. Please leave your details below.

Meet The Team

Charlotte Jee - Jeneo founder

Charlotte Jee

Jeneo Founder

Charlotte is a journalist with over five years' experience covering tech, politics, the pharma sector, and government. In her current role she is editor of Techworld.

She has been interviewed for BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Radio Four and the Spectator podcast, and has written blog posts and features for the New Statesman. She has a keen personal interest in improving the way tech companies design for mental health.

Charlotte regularly provides training for tech PR firms on how to work with journalists and has done a range of speaking gigs, including at Web Summit, the Institute for Government, GeekGirl and the Association for Geographic Information.

Cathy White

Cathy White

Board Member

Cathy is founder and director of CEW Communications. She specialises in working with startups and the organisations that support them.

Cathy was formerly head of communications for Tech City UK and before that communications and marketing manager for Seedcamp, a fund which invests in pre-seed and seed stage tech startups. Before Seedcamp, Cathy was senior account manager at Albion Drive. In that role she was featured as a 'Rising Star' of the industry by PR Week.

Outside of her day job, Cathy is an organiser for GeekGirl Meetup UK, and is passionate about highlighting female role models in the tech industry.

David Murray-Hundley

David Murray-Hundley

Board Member

David is a serial entrepreneur, chairman, adviser and non-executive director of a number of tech companies. He is founder of Tech London Advocates Automotive, Adaro Red and Pario Ventures.

In 1999 David was part of the founding team of Commerce One, which IPO'd at $22 billion. In 2002 David went bankrupt and had to start again, probably one of the best things that ever happened to him. He has since started and sold a number of companies, and helped others be successful with his 'no bullshit' approach.

David has been involved with Borrow My Doggy, Hyperloop and E-Fundamentals, to name just a few. He was previously LinkedIn European Business Leader of the Year.

Kirsty Devlin

Kirsty Devlin

Board Member

Kirsty is a passionate technologist, self-taught developer, and a vocal advocate for increasing diversity and BAME representation in tech.

She recognises technology and the community around it to be a powerful tool in promoting social mobility. Kirsty invests much of her time and energy outside of her work to ensuring that opportunities are available to those minority groups and individuals who have been historically under-represented in and underserved by technology.

She is the founder of, an international platform for event organisers to source those that identify as women for STEM related speaking activities.

We asked for help to ensure a more diverse panel. Charlotte was friendly, efficient and helped us to secure a new panel member within just a day or so. We were very happy with Jeneo's services and would recommend them to any tech event organisers.
Chris Farthing
Managing Director


Jeneo provides a range of services including consultancy, training and recruitment, all aimed at boosting diversity within the tech sector.

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Do you need help developing and implementing diversity policies within your organisation? Jeneo is here to help.

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Jeneo provides a range of diversity training services. Training can be tailored to the team or company and cover unconscious bias, blind recruitment and much more.

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Looking for help recruiting women or under-represented groups to speak at your event? Get in touch.


Jeneo regularly runs 'Women in Tech Speak Up' events aimed at fostering a strong and diverse community of speakers.

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